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Linking Letters and Words

Linking Letters and Words is a quick and easy classroom activity that will challenge your ESL students to think of a range of English words as fast as possible

You begin by saying a word, the first student will then think of a new word that begins with the last letter of your word, the following student will do the same, taking the final letter of the previous word and using it as the first letter of a new word

For example if the first word is car then the next word could be red, followed by, dog, golf, food and so on

The catch is that students have to think quickly and not repeat any word that has already been used, if they repeat a word or are too slow then they are out of the game

If it's a little easy for your class then you can introduce further rules such as making the words all part of one topic. For example the words might have to be related to sport, starting with bat, tennis, soccer etc